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Airport Ads®, is the most innovative airport media company across the Middle East and Africa Region (MEA) and has been providing highly desirable site access and advertising solutions within the airport environment since 2012

Airport Ads® are pioneers in Digital Place based Networks in the airport environment, being the first to offer a digital medium that engages passengers whilst they wait and presents an uninterrupted opportunity to share brand messaging

Airport Ads® infrastructure is rooted in service excellence, with operational, sales and marketing support mechanisms and tools that drive efficiency from initiation to execution


Within the global Audience :

  • 91 % agree brands benefit from airport advertising

  • 67 % expect to see international brands

  • 60 % of business travelers agree airports is the most effective space to advertise B2B brands

  • 77 % agree that digital advertising could influence them to purchase

  • 61 % are interested in downloads

  • The response to digital advertising is 21% higher than static

  • 85 % are in the mindset where they are willing to engage with advertising

  • 85 % express a high level enjoyment of advertising 



  • The UAE’S third busiest airport

  • 11.4 Million passengers recorded in 2017

  • 327,000 Passengers increase as compared to 2016

  • 18 million expected PAX/year with the airport’s expansion project started in 2017

  • 20 million passengers airport’s capacity by 2027 


Perfectly located between East and West trade corridors

The only emirate that shares its borders with the other six emirates of the UAE

  • 1st To establish an airport in the Gulf region 

  • Home to Air Arabia - The MENA  region’s first and largest low cost carrier

  • World record - For the fastest transit times that cargo can be shipped into the seaports and flown out of the airport



A digital place-based television network reaching this affluent audience through high definition screens located in key high dwell-time zones throughout Sharjah International Airport.

  • All Digital OOH media silos are on a steady growth trajectory year on year

  • Digital Place based networks are at the forefront of growth whilst also being the digital OOH medium  leader 

  • Digital billboards show continued and steady growth 

  • Traditional OOH shows positive growth, however in much smaller increments


This is cloud based tool, with custom designed additions for Airport Ads® it enables efficient post campaign affidavit reporting


  • Detailed  information in terms of number of flights

  • Monetary value & value add

  • Location

  • Duration

  • Proof of flighting pictures 

Image by Isaac Smith
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