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Commerce Connect Real Estate Concept and Consultancy arm provides investment opportunities into the commercial and residential projects. We also support to form consortium for large-scale infrastructure projects to build smart and sustainable cities worldwide. 

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We provide property investment advice to clients after careful analysis of market conditions and trends. Our objective is to develop and put in place strategies to identify the most feasible and cost effective approach to help clients achieve their objectives. With a high degree of efficiency in data interpretation and a penchant for research and analytics, our team of professionals are capable of accurately guiding our clients. Our in depth interviews and analysis helps us determine risk preferences, return expectations and market conditions depending on our client’s time zones. This would in turn help in optimizing resources, engage tenants by keeping them happy, productive, enhance their asset value and amplify their procurement power.


Banking on our extensive knowledge and vast network, we advice our clients on investment opportunities with regards to Real Estate. We provide multiple sources for capital investment which allows our clients a greater pool of capital and a greater ability to invest more broadly. Our flexibility in the way we structure our business enables our clients to make real estate investments as desired as we offer property financing, flip properties, lease properties to clients or property management companies for a portion of rental income, or sell units of a property while maintaining overarching control.

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Our team keeps tab on the latest developments in Real Estate by conducting detailed studies of the market value of properties providing clarity on how you could proceed with investing. We conduct detailed analysis of properties which includes a wide range of objective and subjective characteristics such as area and neighbourhood, size, land area, number of floors, construction age, recent improvements, amenities and location with respect to roads, marketplaces, public transport, schools, etc. We also use predictive analysis which is analysing big data by using past data to predict future trends which is very useful to certain sectors since it considers what-if circumstances and creates a reliable forecast of what may happen in the future.


With our extensive experience and proven track record, we offer lease advisory to our clients. We help clients find listings that align with your investment strategy, assisting with financing while providing net lease negotiations on properties clients chose for their portfolio. Our Expertise in tenant and landlord negotiations comes with our thorough knowledge of legislation coupled with our resourceful and dynamic approach. Also our market knowledge is backed by extensive research and analysis which ensures that our client’s objectives are met efficiently and comprehensively. Our commitment to provide reliable services to our clients is ensured by our specialist staff who have extensive experience in this field. 

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